Un dauphin dans l'océan

Divers are constant and unfortunate witnesses to the deterioration of the seabed. and should behave preserving the oceans.

Preserving the oceans through our dives but also in terms of current events. We are concerned observers of this endless succession of deterioration of marine life.

Ocean of plastic, endangered species, pollution of all kinds.

Action is urgently needed to avoid reaching the point of no return. We are often deprived in the search for actions and / or solutions to these ecological problems that go beyond us.

What if this hope resided in a better education for the environment of the younger generations ?

I believe in the power of education to preserve seas.

Teaching young people about marine conservation and preserving the oceans is crucial. By instilling environmental awareness early, we empower them to make a difference. I’ve seen the passion and enthusiasm children have for protecting the oceans. They are our future stewards of the seas. Educating them about the importance of ocean preservation is essential. Through interactive lessons and hands-on experiences, we can inspire them to take action. I’ve volunteered to teach children about marine life and conservation. It’s rewarding to see their eyes light up with excitement and understanding. By engaging them in activities like beach clean-ups and coral reef restoration, we show them how they can make a positive impact. I’ve witnessed firsthand how these experiences shape their attitudes towards the oceans. They become passionate advocates for marine conservation.

As a parent,

I’ve made it a priority to educate my own children about the importance of preserving the oceans. We discuss the threats facing marine ecosystems and brainstorm ways to help. It’s heartening to see them develop a deep appreciation for the seas. Together, we pledge to reduce our plastic use, support sustainable seafood practices, and spread awareness in our community. I believe that by investing in the environmental education of younger generations, we can cultivate a generation of ocean champions who will work tirelessly to protect our blue planet.

This is the challenge launched by the serious game Nowatera of the Belgian association Natagora. Active in the protection of nature.

In the world of pedagogy, specialists have long understood the importance of playing in the learning curve.

Today, with connected teenagers around us. It’s only natural to use their communication channel to encourage a playful awareness of the importance of biodiversity on land and preserving the oceans. In the air and at the bottom of the seas and oceans ?

In collaboration with the University of Namur. Natagora offers this serious game as a tool for raising awareness of biodiversity in general and also for the preservation of biotopes including preserving the oceans and seas.

Original Initiative, Nowatera is a free online game on the internet

For secondary school teachers who would like to use it as a tool. Are welcome to do it free of charge. Accompanied by a teaching pack Nowatera is also available as a board game based on role play.

Nowatera wants to be a serious game encouraging young people to make choices. To curb environmental problems presented as results of scenarios of causes and consequences in cascades in the multiple landscapes of the planet Nowatera.

Competences such as reflection, deduction and decision-making. Will lead to a more or less good resolution for the environment of these problematic situations of preserving the oceans.

The clearly announced objective of this online game is to offer young people a global reflection on the interest and good management of biodiversity. And to raise awareness of this cause for the development of a sustainable environmental awareness.

So that our children become the ambassadors enlightened and conscious of an intelligent  and respectful approach of the nature. And preserving seas that we love so much.

Post a comment below. And tell us how you educate your children about the importance of biodiversity.

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂

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