Helène Adam dans sa combinaison NIXIE Ultra de BARE sur un bateau à Bonaire. Une idée pour savoir comment bien choisir sa combinaison de plongée

Bare NIXIE Ultra suit

I was interested in diving suits to take with me to tropical destinations, the company BARE, specialist in the field offered me to test the NIXIE Ultra suit.

As it is supposed to benefit from a special technology making it even warmer (I’m very chilly), I’m curious to discover this product that I do not know.

Usually I use a drysuit with undersuit… and even a heating vest. I’s impossible for me to use the NIXIE Ultra suit in the cold waters of Belgian quarries. So I fly to a tropical destination to carry out this test. 

First impression: the look of the NIXIE Ultra diving suit

My NIXIE diving suit is delivered thanks to the company AMILCO  that I visited in August 2019.

Of course, the package is all light in the image of what it contains. From the opening, I can’t help but put it on to see how I look when I wear this suit.

While I dreaded a little the lack of colors (it’s still very black ), the cut and the colorful lines highlight my feminine curves and contrast with the rest of the dark neoprene. It’s still nice.


This is probably the first interesting surprise of the NIXIE Ultra suit.

Indeed, the material is soft and the suit slips like pajamas in a very comfortable way. I appreciate that.

The NIXIE Ultra suit is unrivalled in flexibility. Probably due to the fact that it is 2 or 3 mm thick depending on the location. I’m wondering because I’m extremely chilly. Will this suit really keep me warm in waters around 27-28 Celsius degrees ?

And amazing details

BARE’s NIXIE suit is very clearly oriented as a “warm water” diving suit. From then on, we expect a minimalist and simple design.

However, when I take it in hand, I am surprised to see that zippers have been provided at the ankles. Strange, is this necessary for this type of product?

Another curiosity in my opinion: the zipper at the neck. I must admit that I do not find it very aesthetic and wonder about its usefulness.

Finally, a fabric loop is placed at the end of the rear closure. But what for ?

About thermal comfort: OMNIRED technology

To ensure optimal thermal comfort, BARE, which specializes in diving suits, uses OMNIRED technology. BARE announces that it has developed “infrared” technology. The idea is to incorporate 13 thermo-reactive minerals into neoprene. These minerals capture the heat from the body and send it back to the body. You could say that the heat produced by the body is reflected towards it. Nice, isn’t it?

This technology is used in all of the brand’s Ultrawarmth suits, including this NIXIE Ultra suit. In addition, layers of different thicknesses are also used to keep the most sensitive parts of the body warm.

And in practice, what does it give ?

L'intérieur de la combinaison NIXIE Ultra de BARE avec la couche Ultrawarmth Omnired

BARE NIXIE Ultra suit test: under Bonaire’s sun

It’s in the warm and clear waters of Bonaire  that I go to test the NIXIE Ultra suit.

The look

If the look of the suit is relatively classic, it fits rather well with my white and pink Rogue BCD. In addition to black, the greyed parts can easily be combined with any diving equipment. The fine pink lines give a little fantasy and enhances the whole thing.

On the other hand, the suit is soft and without asperities.

It’s comfortable when I put it on

With its minimal thickness, one of the strengths of the NIXIE Ultra diving suit is certainly the ease to put it on. But also its comfort.

Even when it is not completely dry (or not at all), the suit is put with ease. In addition, the thickness makes you forget that you are wearing a diving suit. A real advantage of this wetsuit.

The zipper in the back is very long. It also makes it easier to put it on. You don’t feel stuck putting on your suit. For women with hips often more marked, it is very nice.

Details, however quite important

If at first I wondered about the usefulness of zippers at the ankles, I will soon realize their usefulness.

Whether it is when the skin is sweating (it was very hot in Bonaire) or because the suit was not dry, the passage of the feet is facilitated by the opening at the lower legs. This further increases the feeling of comfort when putting on.

The same goes for the zipper at the neck. Before the dive or just after the dive, it is nice to open this zipper so as not to feel tight.

Finally, the protective cover of the scratch is a well thought-out little detail that prevents the Neoprene from being damaged… if you don’t forget to close it.

Diving with my NIXIE Ultra suit

Of course, this is the most important moment: does BARE’s NIXIE Ultra suit deliver on its promises from a thermal comfort (and comfort in short) when in the water?

In Bonaire the water is at 28-29 degrees, it was difficult for me to appreciate its thermal power. On the other hand, it was really confortable.

Because of this extreme feeling of freedom in the water and the ease to put it on, it was as if I had nothing left on my body… I said “as if.”

La combinaison NIXIE Ultra de BARE est parfaite pour les destinations chaudes comme ici pour Hélène qui la porte à Bonaire

Additional tests

To complete the test (and because it was planned), I then flew to Raja Ampat (November 2019). Yes I plead guilty… I still haven’t written the article about this experience.

BARE NIXIE Ultra suit: In Indonesian Water

If the test at Bonaire had been a bit easy because the water was very warm, I was looking forward to testing the suit in optimal conditions.

It was in the waters of Raja Ampat that I was able to appreciate the thermal comfort of this suit. The water ranges from 27 to 28 degrees. Perfect for a suit of this type. There is no surprise either, it keeps its promises: flexibility, ease of use and thermal comfort.

I had so much ease putting on this suit that a non-diver participant of this stay told me: “It’s amazing, when I watch all the divers equip themselves, everything looks simpler for you; you dress like a charm

Hélène Adam sur un bateau à Raja Ampat

Men’s version: the VELOCITY Ultra suit

I was so happy with the nixie that I wanted to know what was going on with the men’s version. It was my partner Didier who made the test.

There’s no NIXIE Ultra suit for men, that’s the way it is. Also, the closest model is somewhat different. Indeed, the VELOCITY Ultra suit does not have a zipper at the neck and is a little thicker.

The opinion of my partner was close to mine either in terms of comfort (flexibility) and ease of putting on. In terms of thermal comfort, the VELOCITY Ultra wet suit also benefits from OMNIRED technology. However, it was so warm in September in Bonaire, that after 2 dives, my partner finally opted for shorts and a lycra t-shirt for the rest of the stay.

Didier dans les eaux de Bonaire avec sa combinaison VELOCITY Ultra de BARE.

NIXIE and VELOCITY: diving suits clearly oriented toward warm water

Of course, these wetsuits are perfectly intended for warm waters. Ultra light and comfortable, they offer sufficient thermal comfort for waters ranging from 26 to 29 degrees (depending on your need for heat).

NIXIE Ultra suit: in a nutshell

Recommended price: 249 €
Available colors:  Black, gray with blue or pink lines
Thickness:  2 to 3mm depending on the location
Confort details:  very practical zippers at the neck and ankles
Practical detail:  the scratch cover to prevent the risk of grubbing
Use:  all recreational diving conditions in warm water of more than 26-27 degrees depending on your sensitivity to cold.

I love it.

  • Very easy to put it on even when wet.
  • The unique feeling of freedom in diving
  • Zippers at the ankles and neck
  • The long zipper in the back that further increases the ease of putting it on
  • Flexibility (the feeling of being in pajamas)
  • Lightness
  • Thermal protection

I like it

  • The small footprint
  • The scratch protection cover
  • Lack of seams in the armpits
  • Knee protections

I have a mixed opinion

  • Look: although it’s nice, the NIXIE Ultra suit could come in a variety of colours. The neck zipper is not very aesthetic.
  • The loop at the back to help thread and facilitate closure. In my opinion, useless with such a flexible suit. To be honest, I’ve never used it.
La combinaison NIXIE Ultra de Bare repliée et déposée sur un rocher au bord de l'eau.

This test for the NIXIE ultra suit from Bare proved to be very conclusive and I would not hesitate to advise it for dives in warm waters (to tell the truth … I’ve already advised it). I definitely adopted it for my dives in tropical destinations.

Do you know this suit from Bare? What is your favourite “warm water” suit?

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and preferences in a comment directly below on the blog. I would be happy to talk to you.

And above all… remember to be happy 🤗


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Note: I do not have a special partnership with BARE. However, they provided me with the necessary suits for this hardware test. This, taking the risk of sincere and constructive criticism. I test in all honesty and impartiality the material that is offered to me. Please send me the products you would like me to test the same way as this Nixie ultra wetsuit.