Carte indiquant où plonger pendant le covid.

Where to dive during covid: just tell me !

While our travels and diving activities are severely disrupted this year, there are however destinations to know where you can dive during Covid. But not anywhere or any way!

Indeed, every country, region… assesses the diving activity case-by-case. As a result, it’s not easy to know day by day when and where to dive during this outbreak.

Recently I wanted to know what we could still hope to explore and came across a map that I found interesting. Obviously, I wanted to share it with you. Maybe also to dream together…

An interactive map to find out where to dive during covid-19

To inform divers from all over the world, PADI Travel has put online a regularly updated world map containing diving information.

Of course, the information is coming from centres affiliated with this certification agency, it gives us however a good indication of what is being done in the field. This gives us an idea of where to dive during this pandemic.

Whether you’re “PADI or not PADI” it’is easy to use it: click on the country you want the information from and it will appear.

What directions to find

In this interactive map, you’ll have directions on:

  • Permission or not to dive
  • The possibility or not to get IN a country
  • The possibility or not to get OUT of a country

And sometimes also other information specific to the country (Are bars or restaurants closed …)

Carte indiquant où plonger pendant le covid.
@ PADI Travel

Be careful, it is not just a matter of indicating where to dive during covid. The data is shared for informational purposes and PADI cannot be liable by any way. It’s therefore necessary to make sure that you are able or not to dive during the pandemic in the destination you have chosen.

Of course, once the potential destinations are chosen, you still have to be able to get there. This is why many divers have opted for another solution:

Diving closer to home

Many of us have indeed given up on distant travel.

Fleeing the risk of cancellations and last-minute changes, they preferred the safety of closer destinations.

For these diving destinations, we can also have a first look of what is possible in terms of diving using this map. But this should not prevent us from contacting our favorite dive centres directly to ensure opportunities and/or to know where to dive during the Covid.

Covid: Reminder for the distracted

In order to dive safely, hyperbaric doctors issued some recommendations a few months ago for diving during the coronavirus pandemic.
Don’t hesitate to read them again.

You’re wondering where to dive during Covid? Did you give up?

Tell me this in a comment below

And above all… don’t forget to be happy 🤗