14 original gift ideas for divers

Looking for diving gifts?

Finding diving gifts to offer to divers is not always easy. Holiday moments are often synonymous with pleasure. However, they can also be a real puzzle for those who do not find inspiration in the search for the ideal gift. Lack of ideas, lack of knowledge of the sector or a very small budget are obstacles in this research.

In addition to the purchase of specific dive equipment, here’s a quick overview of gifts to offer to divers

Note: I have no actions with the listed suppliers or any other contributions. I am writing for the pleasure of sharing with you some diving gift ideas. For more information on the products, click on the images.

Diving gift ideas for children (or adults 😉)

1. A monopoly on the theme of the sea and oceans

It’s more attractive to learn while having fun. And then, what a pleasure to meet all together around the table to play for an evening.

Le monopoly Dory

Envie de jouer ? | © Hasbro

2. A garment for the future little diver

If there is no doubt in your mind: your little one will be a future underwater enthusiast.

Un body pour bébé à l'image de la passion de ses parents

Futur diver, vraiment ? | © Inktastic


Diving gift ideas to continue to experience diving in cocoon mode

3. A thematic tea infuser special for scuba diving

It is a classic that emphasizes the rehydration of the diver after immersion. Particularly useful when it is cold, it can also be used by looking at pictures of our most beautiful diving trips.

Un diffuseur de thé original à mettre dans sa liste de cadeaux plongée

Diffuseur de thé spécial plongée | © Amazon

4. The Awesome Maps dive map

Well known to divers who like to travel, this card allows you to discover the best diving spots all around the world.

Les cadeaux plongée peuvent aussi se décliner façon déco comme avec cette carte

Une carte avec vos spots préférés | © Awesome Maps

5. A special diving T-shirt… that supports the protection of sharks

Created by an artist, the collection of T-shirt Different Dive by Mokarran combines the useful with the pleasant. It is the first t-shirt of this brand to represent a diver. And for every t-shirt purchased, €4 is donated equally to two associations that defend sharks. A nice idea.

Dans les cadeaux plongée, il est possible de joindre l'utile à l'agréable comme avec ce t-shirt Different Dive by Mokarran

Un t-shirt qui participe à la protection des requins ? | © Mokarran

Directly usable diving gift ideas

6. Reusable beverage container

Customized in the diving style, this bottle will allow divers to participate in reducing the use of single-use plastic. Recalling diving, it’s much more fun to hydrate yourself.

Une gourde avec un décor de plongée

Une solution pour ne pas polluer | © TankH2O Scuba

7. A net bag

To collect waste from the bottom of the water in order to make our diving an ecological and useful moment for the oceans and the planet. Or to participate in a global clean-up initiative as part of a project.

Un filet parfait pour ramasser les déchets lors d'opération de nettoyage

Un filet pratique | © Beuchat

8. The shark diving hood just for fun

You will find them without difficulty on the market: diving hoods with a particular look and very easy to recognize underwater.

Dans les cadeaux personnalisés, cette cagoule requin vous donnera surement un look très différent

Envie de vous différencier ? | © Kinnoscuba

9. Un Buddy Watcher

C’est un outil idéal pour les binômes qui veulent communiquer sous l’eau sans déranger les autres palanquées.


Un buddy watcher avec les indications de fonctionnement

© Buddy Watcher

Diving gift ideas for larger budgets

10. Diving equipment for very useful diving gifts

Computer, lamp, knife, compass, parachute, wetsuit, fins,… There are many diving gifts that your favorite diver dreams of. Here, however, it is not so easy to surprise the person without knowing exactly what they already have. How about we try a different diving BCD ?

Hélène s'apprête à faire une plongée test avec le gilet Rogue Aqua Lung

C’est parti pour le test | © Different Dive

11. A warm garment

Very practical for the cold water diver. Because sometimes, frozen fingers and a shaky body in January and February after a dive, it’s still hard 😱

Un gilet chauffant permettant de ne pas avoir froid lors des plongées en eaux froides

Un gilet chauffant pour plonger en eau froide | © Thermalution

12. A submersible camera and/or video camera

Very useful to bring back the most beautiful diving memories in the respect of the underwater world, the camera is one of the most appreciated diving gifts. Even if in the end we leave them on our PCs’ hard drives, it’s nice to know that we keep a record of all these underwater wonders.

Hélène s'apprête à faire un cours de photo faisant partie de ses cadeaux plongée

Prête pour un essai photo ? | © Different Dive

13. A diving training course

To continue to progress, there are many opportunities for training. Whether it is in his classic diving program or through specialties such as organic diving.

Deux plongeurs font un palier de sécurité

Plongeurs au palier | © Different Dive

14. A diving cruise… the most fun dive gift ever?

Because it is perhaps one of the most unforgettable moments of our lives as divers, the cruise remains a must in diving gifts.

Une croisière, le plus beau de tous les cadeaux plongée ?

Croisière de plongée | © Different Dive

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