Summer dive: never again!

Recently I had the chance to dive into a marine park around a wonderful island in the Caribbean Sea. This kind of beautiful island all clean where life is good.

Without going out the usual features, I can assure you that the sky was blue, the sun was shining, the water was clear (and warm) and there was an incredible amount of wildlife.

Of course, the dives were all more beautiful than the others and I felt far from any problems in my little paradise at the end of the world.

At the end of the dive, while the dive guide had brought us back to the boat and left us in the area, I give my camera to my buddy and just “feel” the well-being of being right there in harmony with this underwater world that I love so much.

Suddenly my eye is attracted by a glowing jellyfish that evolves there a few meters from me, just fifty centimeters below the surface.

Instinctively, I approach it and with horror I see that it’s a white plastic bag which, crossed by the sunbeams and the handles down, gave me the impression of a jellyfish.

I got screwed, like a turtle!

Except that I have not eaten it, except that my stomach is not compressed by piles of corks and other garbage, except that I am partly responsible for this disaster affecting our oceans!

When will we stop polluting the seas, the oceans and all the ecosystems around us?

I’m so surprised that in 2018 people still throw their cigarette butts out of the windows of their cars, throw their plastic waste to the sea, …

Because I dream of dives where I never have to see it again and rather than be discouraged, I decided to act and make a commitment, at each of my summer dives I will bring back a minimum of 1 waste out of the water !
I already took out of the water during my dives plastic bags, cans, caps, sunglasses, … and even a disc of grinder!

Let’s start this action all together !
A kind of great marine cleaning all around the world?

And above all, do not forget to be happy 🤗