Regard d'une plongeuse souriante à travers son masque

When I wrote the article “this dive that I will not tell you“. A reaction of one of the Internet users on the blog was to say (with good reason). I can not believe that you met all this wildlife on a single dive. Is there a trick ? Indeed, it seemed unlikely to see so many species of fish, jellyfish, crustaceans, birds or mammals on the same dive. It looked really incredible … and yet it was true !

This reflection coincided with the one of Martin. The son of a couple of friends during his training for his OWD, he said to me.

It’s crazy, when you talk about diving

You say all the time “it’s beautiful”. You make me believe that everything is all the time beautiful when scuba diving.

His remark reminded me one made by Lucas, another young man trained last year. He was finishing a dive training in a quarry in cold water. Burst out laughing as he listened me telling his parents there is no trick. This is everything we have seen during this apparently trivial dive. Have you seen this lunar mood and how beautiful it was ? And this seagrass area with the small fish nursery ? The sunlight between the submerged trees ? … And Lucas told me : but you love everything, it’s really nice, you smile with your eyes in your mask.

Of course, I did not really realize this secret. But there was no trick. I knew I was a great public for diving centers close to home or anywhere around the world. I am always thrilled with my immersions. Each dive is a pure moment of happiness for me. And you will only see me very exceptionally coming out of the water saying: not a great moment. And for good reason, I see during all my dives many wonders.

Martin has focused on my infallible trick to make each dive a magical moment : the wonder.

Everything seems wonderful, MAGIC.

If I dive in cold water, the play of the sun’s rays in the water, the freshwater jellyfish. The impression of being alone in the world in lunar landscapes, a flight of birds at the exit of the water, a crab that disputes an oyster shell with another, curious lobster, …

If I dive in warm water where I expect to see bigger fish, every  tuna, mackerel, … any school of fish, a lost turtle, … the heat of the water during the dive, being above the blue, …magic!

I never expect anything from a dive other than the pleasure of being in the aquatic environment and I would rather let the elements come to me. So, I am guaranteed not to miss my immersions in the blue (or green according to places 😉 ). However a good trick not to miss a nice fish is always welcome.

Just being present, or having this incredible chance to be able to dive makes my life more beautiful.

Each particularity of this magnificent aquatic or underwater life attracts my attention and amazes me.

And that’s my secret or trick:

The love of diving combined with the ability to wonder allows all of my senses to open up and capture every extraordinary detail of the aquatic life. These elements, put together, will make each of my dives a unique and wonderful moment.

An advice ? Develop your ability to get amazed, take your time, do not expect anything specifically and let your senses bring to you the treasures that are available whenever you have the chance to dive.

If you do not know where to start, maybe you can read the 8 attitudes of divers who enjoy (more intensely and stronger than others) 😉

And you, what is your trick for diving with the greatest pleasure ?

Post a comment below … it will be my pleasure to exchange with you live

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy


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