Recently I had a misadventure that could have spoiled my dive (because I was angry about myself) but finally this dive was really great.

Since long ago, we live in the age of “images”.

So, during my dives, I always take my faithful camera with me to capture magical underwater moments to illustrate articles that I share with passionate divers on my blog Different Dive.

So, recently, while I was eager to leave for Ravenoville to join my Norman friends, my distraction (or my haste ?) Put me face a very delicate situation.

Indeed I had planned to make a superb dive from the Normandy landing beaches when I realized that I had forgotten the charger of my camera whose battery was undoubtedly…..empty !

What a disappointment when looking at photo equipment and thinking about my dive….

Publicité pour la campagne ulule

How to talk about a dive on a blog without being able to illustrate with images in a world of scuba diving dominated by the visual ? Who will be happy with a text and no images, who will want to dive there  ? Who will read the article till the end ?

So I decided that I would not write an article about this fantastic dive on one of the spots of the Marcouf Islands (it was not even a wreck diving this time)


I will not tell you about my arrival on the beach and the surprise of seeing two herons and two egrets in the water dipping their legs. Incredible, they are not sea birds though ?!

I will not tell you about that sea so quiet, of that light wind, of that sun that is reflected on the water in the light of this beautiful August morning

I will not tell you about these Marcouf islands, a paradise of seabirds that are home to many species and are barely 20 minutes away by boat (for once I do not dive on the wrecks of the landing)

I will not tell you about my immersion in this water at 18 ° C and for this time with my wetsuit (yes, it happens ;-))

I will not tell you about surprisingly good visibility. Ten meters, nothing but that ! and the happiness in perspective for this Norman dive which more often accustomed me to a visibility much more reduced

I will not tell you about this fishing net lying between several rocks and allowing the rays of the sun to diffuse through. Probably derived, he held in his meshes the corpse of a Cormorant  still clothed with the remains of the feathers, all this seemed suspended for eternity.

I would have liked to make this photo to make fishermen aware of the dangers of nets for seabirds and the rest of the fauna.

5 rock crabs (including one dead) had also tangled the clamps and found themselves completely caught in these fine meshes. Unable to release them with bare hands and it was with precise knives (and many precautions for the fingers) that they were released

I will not tell you about the fishes in abundance : a whole school of little pout (a real nursery), sea bass, clingfish and others whose name I do not know (I am not a fish specialist)

I will not tell you about the carpets of colored anemones : green sea anemones, anemones “feathery” style and flat and red anemones agglutinated one against the other

I will not tell you about how many shrimps, crabs, and sea spiders that were running in all directions

I will not tell you about the two absolutely gigantic and motionless conger eel which watched us when lying between the rocks, surrounded by shrimps and a lobster. It seems that in this case the octopus is not far … we did not find it

I will not tell you about lobsters: they were far too big and too many to be listed

I will not tell you about all these scallops, most of them were not as usual hidden in the sand but in motion with their “mouth” open. Obviously it was mealtime ….

I will not tell you about the magic encounter during the deco stop: an enormous jellyfish with filaments more than a meter long evolved peacefully accompanied by a dozen little blue gray fish that surrounded it like the pilot fish around the sharks, MAGIC 🙂

I will not tell you about the return by boat, the sun on my face, the light and warm wind, or the unforgettable iodized odor of the northern seas

Finally, I will not be able to tell you anything about this seal that skirted the coast observing the bathers who took advantage of this magnificent Norman beach. Our seal moved like a star by diving and reappearing each time a little further.

And if finally I managed to put a little dream of diving through my words and to make you want to soak your fins in this region of France, I will be really happy and I will tell myself that this mistake or distraction has finally anchored very strongly the sensations and the marvelous images of this Norman dive.

Ready to put your words too without picture in a comment below ?

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Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂


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