Les raisons qui font plonger peuvent être le plaisir de pratiquer une activité sous-marine comme c'est le cas pour cette plongeuse en eau froide.

The reasons for diving

There are as many reasons for diving as there are divers. Back on this click that made me start diving.

Autumn of a year, long time ago.

One Sunday afternoon, I am invited to a particular place. A friend has just been hired as a cook and offers me to taste his dishes, it looks delicious. The place is special. Lost in the countryside, it includes a large gravel car park full of vehicles of men and some women where they get dressed in strange ways. I ask my friend who informs me that this place is a diving spot.

A spot… to dive ?

Indeed, it seems that an impressive number of people come to practice what they seem to like: scuba diving. What a funny idea!

As I walk through the parking lot, I feel half amused, half intrigued.

How can they find the slightest pleasure in a hobby requiring so much preparation, equipment  that is obviously heavy and probably complicated to use? How can they prepare themselves to get into the water when it is already so cold? What are the reasons that make these people dive here ? A place that seems “hostile” to me?

As divers walk on a stony path that descends between the trees, we bypass it, take a footbridge and reach a terrace that overlooks a small lake between the rocks. I approach the railing and watch two heavily equipped divers going to the metal platform on the water.

My friends are urging me to follow them to the restaurant. I tell them to go, I will join them soon.

Silent observation and thinking about reasons for diving

The two divers stop, and while chatting with each other (I can’t hear a word, because they are clearly below), finish getting their rig prepared for diving.

The sky is overcast, it is grey and already cold for the season. Wind blows a little and the leaves of the trees begin to scorch. The dark body of water reflects the clouds that run high in the sky. Smells that escape from the nearby kitchen tickle my nostrils and mingle with the characteristic smells of nature in autumn.

I hear the menu of this restaurant is just perfect and I’m very hungry. However, I cannot take my eyes off these two divers who are about to jump into the lake. I have never been interested in this activity, which has however been so close to water sports.

Of course, I’ve already heard the name Cousteau. But I would have a hard time telling what he did ? My thing is Nicolas Hulot’s nature shows, the thrills, the adrenaline that comes from these extreme things, maybe also the minute before the swimming competition starts…

I am so intrigued that I want to see this moment when divers will disappear below the surface of the dark water. So, I wait in the cold of the end of the day, hands resting on the rusty metal and guessing reasons for diving.

The click

After a few minutes, the two divers go down into the water  up to their waist, put on their fins and disappear leaving only their bubbles on the surface as silent traces of their presence.

I stand there, alone, surrounded by the darkness that insidiously envelops me. A shiver runs through my body. I am captivated and terrified at the same time…

“This is an activity that looks scary,” I said.

It’s decided, I want to go diving !

The reasons for diving: what are the ones that made you start?

Share the good reasons that brought you into the wonderful world of diving in a comment below.

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And most of all,… don’t forget to be happy 🤗


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