Trois plongeurs s'apprêtent à se mettre à l'eau

Every year, many people dream of starting the incredible adventure of scuba diving, and they are right, this is why they make a first dive (it is obvious, I will not deter them :-)).

The good idea before starting a dive training is to make your first dive and check if the dive activity is for you.

What about a first dive ?

A first dive, but for whom?

First dives are accessible to all people in good health. And that from 8 years according to the different certification agencies.

The advantage of scuba diving is that it is accessible to everyone. While adults will often engage with passion. Children will also find a lot of fun and enjoy the benefits of diving as long as we are careful to avoid mistakes in diving with children.

People over 60 years are also more and more numerous to engage in this underwater activity

If you are in this case, this article will please you

On the other hand, if some women are reluctant to go for the exciting world of scuba diving. Let them be reassured, diving is also a sport for women.

Where to do a first dive?

The first dive can be practiced in multiple places. Directly in the sea (preferably warm but in cold water it is also possible) for example during a holiday, in a lake, a quarry (or gravel pit) for those who are not afraid of the cold or just in a pool.

The pool is perhaps the most “reassuring” solution for people who are apprehensive. Although some places in the world offer spots so reassuring that they give the impression of being in a swimming pool. And on top, the spectacle of fauna and flora 🙂

How is a first dive?

Before the dive, the instructor will teach you some basic signs to communicate under water. The OK sign, it’s wrong, I’m cold, etc…

Then, after a brief explanation of the material and the course of the dive, the immersion with a qualified instructor will start. You will discover the unique and pleasant sensations of the evolution in the aquatic world, in complete safety and with the greatest pleasure.

Finally, during a first dive, the person is guided and just takes a lot of fun: what’s more enjoyable?

What do you feel during a dive?

The sensation of flying, of being weightless, free of all physical constraints this is pure happiness. The absence of external noises, speech, … (except your breathing in the regulator and the “sounds of the sea”) is also soothing.

Some may, however, feel apprehension and / or anxiety.

If you are concerned that this is your case, do not be afraid to inform the instructor who is supervising you. He will adapt the conditions of your first dive for example by going very slowly, …

The goal of a first dive is always to live a beautiful experience.

What do we see during this experience?

The first dive is the perfect moment to fill up with images.

For those who have the chance to do their first dive in a warm sea, it is a multitude of colorful fish and other underwater wonders that will be offered to them.

In the gravel pit, lakes or quarries, people will be able to see endemic fish and species.

Diving In the colder seas, there is no doubt that it will be possible to cross the road of lobsters, crabs, anemones and other shellfish.

In the pool, the show will not be the same. Yet it is nice to see other divers or swimmers evolve in the water seen from below.

What is the price for a first dive?

Very often free in the associative structures, you will have to pay a few tens of €/$ in commercial structures. The price of the first dive will depend on where you choose to do it. I can not tell you precisely the cost but you can count on an approximate amount of +/- 50 €/$ to live this first experience as being a reasonable price.

What should we pay attention to during a first dive?

  • The first good advice is certainly to do a first dive only if you feel it and only in the idea of ​​having fun.
  • Approaching the experience by being calm, relaxed and curious is certainly a good approach.
  • Before making a first dive, make sure you do not have major health concerns that you do not get out of a big cold, that you do not have any particular ear problems you do not have ( too much) party the day before, that you are rested, … you have to feel fit.
  • Choose a diving structure that offers individual first dive. Some structures and / or certification agencies accept two people at the same time for a single monitor. Personally I do not recommend it. The first experience will be decisive and it would be a shame to ruin it.

In my opinion, first dives should always be done face to face with your instructor.

  • Listen carefully to the advice of your dive instructor during the preparation of the first dive: it will teach you to blow in your mask to prevent it from sticking on your face and explain how to perform a small simple maneuver with your nose to prevent ear pain. These are  two very useful and indispensable actions to perform to make your dive safe and enjoyable.
  • Cover yourself before and after the first dive don’t get cold, if you are chilly say it !

Finally, let yourself be guided and have fun in this first diving experience.

The major disadvantage of diving is to become addicted!

Ready for adventure?

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And most importantly, do not forget to be happy 🤗

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