Un paysage des îles de Raja Ampat comme idée d'une destination de plongée

When we talk about objective, dream, … it is customary to talk about to do list or bucket list.

It’s about putting on a list all best diving we want to do before dying; all the experiences that are important to us and that we want to achieve at least once in our life.

As diving is totally addictive, it’s hard to imagine making a bucket list without including scuba diving experiences.

Also, at the beginning of 2018, I wanted to think about these destinations that I would absolutely like to explore in my life as a diver and create my best diving “TO DIVE LIST”

Without putting them in an order of priority, I wanted to share with you my 10 spots of diving where I dream to go to diving.

Best diving in alphabetical order :

1. Antarctica

To discover a unique preserved environment, to find oneself in an intact nature and to make unforgettable dives

Un morceau de banquise qui flotte sur l'océan en Antarctique

2. Cocos – Malpelo – Galapagos

A trio of islands to visit in exceptional diving cruises as best diving.

Une otarie se repose sur un banc aux Galapagos

3. Easter Island

One of those dive destinations that still seems so cut off from the world. Discovery of a civilization and this island lost in the middle of the ocean also a best diving.

Couché de soleil sur les statues de l'île de Pâques

4. Iceland

The famous Silfra Fissure attracts every year many diving enthusiasts who dream to evolve in the crystalline waters of this fissure that separates two continents.

Un paysage d'Islande avec une voiture devant une montagne

5. Mayotte

One of the largest lagoons in the world that hosts many marine mammals every year

6. Palau

The archipelago of Rock Islands, the Jellyfish Lake or the huge biodiversity present in Palau rivals the quality of best diving spots.

Paysage de Palau

7. Raja Ampat

Sanctuary of scuba diving, Raja Ampat is considered by some as the most beautiful marine biodiversity reserve in the world. UNESCO reflects on Raja Ampat as World Heritage

un paysage des îles de Raja Ampat

8. San Fransisco

Old child’s dream; discover San Fransisco and its unique atmosphere lost in the mist. Diving in the kelp among sea lion colonies

Le Golden Gate de San Fransisco

9. Scapa Flow one of the cold best diving spot

Huge underwater cemetery of World War I wrecks, Scapa Flow is a mythical place for those who love to meet history and diving, who loves the underwater life that develops on these wrecks and / or who enjoy good whiskys.

Un panneau de signalisation juste avant la baie de Scapa Flow

10. Truck Lagoon is a real best diving destination.

Other climate, other war, other dives. Like its counterpart Scapa Flow, Truck Lagoon is home to many wrecks from  World War II

Un paysage de plage en Micronésie

In 2018, I planned to go to two of these special dive destinations … can you guess which ones?

And you, what is the destination number 1 of your best diving TO DIVE LIST?

Tell me your diving dreams in a comment below, it will be a pleasure to exchange with you 🙂

I am also interested in yours good plans, advices, ideas,

And most importantly,… do not forget to be happy 🤗

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