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Our dives are often very dependent on how we feel the activity itself. Yet sometimes, you just need a little luck to provoke more luck when diving.

With the exception of spots where feeding is common (read here my opinion on this practice), we have only rarely the guarantee of what we will be able to observe. However sometimes, we might have luck when diving. This is very true for pelagic and/or “big” (sharks, turtles, dugongs, etc.) during our most beautiful dives.

Because mother nature does not make appointments with us.

And we must enjoy  every moment to make it a wonderful moment. 

See a pod of great dolphins coming to play around us, while we could hear whale singing… Fortunately, sometimes luck is there when you really don’t expect it

That was the case for me not so long ago.

Luck when diving; my wonderful experience

I dive with a center somewhere in the warm sea.Since I am not familiar with the spot at all, I will ask more questions after the briefing. Also, the diving director suggests that I follow with my partner another team. In fact, the instructor knows the place very well and will do an exercise with a student, then she will go on an exploration and he suggests that we follow her. Since I don’t know the spot I think this can be a good idea.

When on the spot the instructor rushes to the water with her students and disappears quickly… Obviously she didn’t want us to follow her group. So, we will be alone to have luck when diving this time

The planning will be changed

As a result, I ask the captain for details about the spot and quietly start the dive with my buddy.

We decide to stay mostly in the -20m zone to make a long dive. But before that, we will admire a few moments the magnificent corals in the area of -30 to -40m.

L'auteur du blog de plongée Different Dive derrière une gorgone à Mayotte


The diving rewards us with the beauty of the seafloor of the region. This is especially the case when we cross  a strange juvenile surgeon fish school.

At the end of the dive, my partner pulls the SMB to signal our presence to the captain of the boat. As we are the last in the water, I am waving to him to go into the blue.

Because I still want to feel “in the blue”

When the sudden unexpectedness occurs.

Shadow in the distance approaches and comes to me until it appears: a huge manta ray slowly evolves in my direction. We hade luck when diving this time.

Une raie manta arrive au loin, un vrai moment de chance en plongée
Une raie manta évoluant dans les eaux bleues

I warned my partner with my Buddy Watcher. Afterwards, I gave a few kicks in the direction of this manta ray. My buddy soon joined us and the manta made a turn in front of us to go out to deep sea. For a few moments, we follow her by admiring her graceful flight in the deep blue. What a luck when diving there.

Imagine our joy if I tell you that this is the first time we have had the chance to observe a manta ray so closely.

On the boat we explain the other divers the luck when diving we had this time in front of the instructor’s dark gaze.

How do you provoke luck when diving ?

I have long been convinced that, if we cannot make an appointment with nature, we can nevertheless provoke luck when diving and make a wonderful dive beyond our expectations. On one hand, by cultivating the attitudes of divers who benefit more intensely and stronger than others. On the other hand, by promoting slow diving. I mean, by not forgetting the fool proof things that will make every dive a magical moment.

Luck in diving? You believe it? Have you ever had a chance to meet good luck?

Tell me this in a comment below on the blog (it’s better) to share with our entire community of enthusiasts. 

And especially… don’t forget to be happy

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