Deux plongeurs font des cabrioles sous l'eau

Black Friday invades our lives in a consumer frenzy without limits.

The motto seems to be the purchase of everything and nothing, provided that we have reductions. For some (including me), this type of action is a bit scary. Also, we could ask ourselves this question and transform black to blue day.

I contemplate purchases more cautiously. It’s not about buying everything with discounts. Sometimes, I find sales overwhelming. I prefer to shop with intention rather than impulse. Transforming black Friday into blue day means thoughtful spending. It’s about mindful consumption, not just chasing discounts. That day, I prioritize value over savings. It’s about making meaningful purchases that align with my values. It’s a shift towards sustainability and ethical choices. I embrace the idea of another color for that day. It aligns with my desire for mindful living. Blue day represents a shift in perspective. It’s about redefining what it means to shop. I choose quality over quantity on a blue day. It’s a day for thoughtful reflection and intentional action. Let’s make every day a blue day, where our purchases reflect our values.

And if we take the opportunity to stay in our bubbles and make a Blue Friday devoted to our passion?

Thinking diving, discovering beautiful destinations, project ideas, … and dreaming.

I envision diving in breathtaking destinations, exploring vibrant reefs, and encountering magnificent marine life. The possibilities are endless, igniting my imagination. I brainstorm project ideas, from underwater photography to marine conservation initiatives. Each idea fuels my passion for diving and the ocean. As I immerse myself in these thoughts, I can’t help but dream. Dreaming of underwater adventures that await, of the wonders I’ll encounter beneath the waves. It’s a source of inspiration and motivation, driving me to pursue my diving dreams. Through planning and preparation, I inch closer to turning these dreams into reality. Diving isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, a journey of discovery and fulfillment. And in my dreams, the ocean beckons, calling me to dive deeper and explore further.

To distract us from this consumption, I propose to discover (or rediscover) today 10 articles to read to make this day a blue day entirely turned towards diving: to think diving, to consider the diving all together, to find ideas of projects, … and / or dream of future destinations

Click on the images and let yourself go 🙂

# 1 Sorting and servicing equipment

And take the opportunity during this blue day to see that we really do not need to buy something

# 2 Consider diving when you are single

Because diving creates links

# 3 Or on the contrary to practice as a couple during this blue day

Because diving together is so good

# 4 Start the adventure with  our children

And introduce them to this wonderful world of scuba diving

# 5 Discover Europe’s future premier dive destination

Do you know where this is, enjoy it every blue day ?

# 6 Find ideas for diving in cold waters

If, yes, I promise you that it has all its charm

# 7 … and others in warm waters

Because we love to dive here or there during blue day

# 8 Understand why sharks are not so dangerous that we sometimes want to make us believe

And seize the urgent nature to protect them !!!

# 9 Conceive that diving can serve history during and after blue day

And marvel at these new experiences

# 10 Think about ways to make dives even more beautiful, safe during blue day

Un moniteur fait un briefing de plongée dans une piscine

Because it’s so much better for all our future dives

If you do not have enough ideas above to distract your mind from the energy consumption of this blue day, do not hesitate to check out all other sections of the site.

Still want to really enjoy this blue day?

Take a dive with friends today! This is the guarantee of 25% less stress, 60% more happiness, … lots of great specials 😉

What will you choose to do during this blue day?

Tell us this in a comment below, it will be really nice to discuss with you

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy

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