Divers explore under water world and oceans and witness the beautiful colors that illuminate all over the world.

Privileged explorers of a unique and wonderful under water world. We are also sensitive to the beauty of the seas and oceans in general.

Art is everywhere and also in the ocean. Pictures of nice fish on these walls reflects the beauty of under water world

Indeed, during our surface intervals we sometimes take the time to admire the landscapes of the countries bordering our favorite oceans 🙂


We are surprised to find, on the surface, the colors and emotions of the sea that remind us of our dives in the big blue. This is also a good reason to dive in Yucatan. Ocean dives and also cenote dives.

This is the case in Playa del Carmen. Where street art and nature meet through beautiful frescoes scattered throughout the city. And allowing everyone to dream of an ocean, rich, fantastic and colorful.

In Playa del Carmen, I immersed myself in the vibrant street art scene. Murals depicted the under water world beauty. Each painting brought the ocean to life in vivid colors. I found myself dreaming of diving into those mesmerizing depths. The artworks captured the richness and diversity of marine life. It felt like glimpsing into a fantastical under water realm. Exploring the city felt like diving into a living canvas. Street art and nature seamlessly blended, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Every mural told a story of the mysterious depths below. The ocean’s allure was palpable even on land. Playa del Carmen became a gateway to the under water world, both real and imagined. Each brushstroke echoed the wonders of the sea, inviting me to explore further.

While some wall frescoes about under water world can already be seen in the vibrant heart of Playa del Carmen. Others are coming to quieter places in the city and giving way to more disadvantaged neighborhoods.

To discover the under water world during your dive stay in the Yucatan. Starting from the fifth avenue called Quinta. Move away from the bustling center going north-east in the district of La Colosio and its wilder beaches frequented by locals.

In recent years, street art has exploded in Mexico staging tribal drawings and / or in reference to nature and under water world. From then on, it gives new life and color to places in cities sometimes neglected by tourism.

Due to its proximity to the under water world and the emphasis on diving tourism in Playa del Carmen, street art is reflected in gigantic wall frescoes largely inspired by the nature dear to divers passionate about the seas and oceans.

Another initiative in favor of art and life as we like them. This kind of initiative should be spread all over the world. During cold water and warm waters dives.

I fully support initiatives blending art and life. They should be global. I’ve experienced them in both cold and warm waters. Under water art installations breathe life into the sea. They create mesmerizing landscapes beneath the waves. Exploring them adds depth to the under water world. These initiatives foster appreciation for marine ecosystems. They engage divers in conservation efforts. Under water art projects showcase the beauty and fragility of marine life. They inspire us to protect our oceans. Cold or warm, every dive reveals the wonders of the underwater world. Initiatives like these connect us to the ocean’s splendor. Let’s continue supporting and spreading such projects worldwide.

Want to share your experiences of the under water world, comments and photos on the encounter between art and diving?

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Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy above or under the under water world

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