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Diving when you are single

You are single and you want to start a sport and / or leisure activity without knowing which one ?
On the other hand, you love the sea, want to try to practice outdoor sports and meeting people?
Diving when single is not a problem for you

Why not explore the possibility of scuba diving?

I have analyzed for you 10 good reasons to start with no delay.

1. Discover the concept of buddy

Diving is an activity that is not practiced alone. The buddy is the person with whom you will evolve.

The ultimate activity where you will have to learn to collaborate and trust others. Diving when single can be ideal for you. Whether it’s for a helping hand, a material check, a dive mask setting or to ensure your safety in case of a glitch, every opportunity is good to train to “rely on the other “. A very useful skill that changes from “counting only on yourself”.

In addition, diving makes it possible to learn to communicate with the other … without speaking! Not bad as an asset, is it?

2. Work on your fitness

While it is sometimes usual to think that diving is a leisure that requires no effort, one hour of diving makes you loose up to 600 Kcalories. As much as if you play football or tennis and more than dancing, swimming or skiing! Incredible, right? No wonder when we know that the body will draw in its reserves to keep you at the right temperature. Because, despite wearing a dive suit, the body cools 25 times faster in water than in air.

3. Take advantage of not having to share your material

The advantage of diving when single is that your material belongs to you and no one else. No need to share your stuff, at the risk of not finding it when you need it.

On the other hand, you will not be able to blame someone else if your diving equipment is not in its place and / or not properly maintained (on this subject go quickly to read these tips)

4. Enjoy your leasure

One of the advantages of diving when single is to be able to master your time without compromise or concessions. Rather than procrastinating in front of the TV set, having outdoor physical activity can be a very interesting alternative. The advantage here is to counterbalance the disadvantage of “diving takes a lot of time” so it’s difficult to match with the activities of your partner. It will be more like “diving allows me to use long time slots to spend, meet other people and make me happy “.

5. Going to meet others

Diving when single is an activity that promotes sociability and broadens your network. Divers love to talk about diving gear, diving trips, diving cruises, diving holidays, … in short, their favorite leisure.

It is a community of people open to meeting others that you will discover. Perfect for breaking isolation

Moreover, it is usual to share a moment together after the dives to exchange experiences, to have a drink or to gather around a wood fire.

6. Maintaining a Serene Climate

Here you can not bore your partner with the detailed account of all your dive trips, invite your friends for endless discussion about your favorite subject or worse yet impose all your wonderful vacation ideas In relation to the sea while he / she only dreams of mountain. We told you, divers love to talk about diving 😉

7. Watching marine programs on TV (and fill your library with books about underwater world)

You’re watching Ushuaïa TV in loop and Cousteau’s stories make you literally melt? No problem. Diving when single is not a problem for you.

8. Developing a sense of exploration

Divers are explorers, but in a very different way from what is generally imagined. While the rest of the world travels to discover the diversity of our beautiful planet on the mainland, diving enthusiasts explore the world under the seas and oceans.

When we know that more than 70% of the earth is covered with fresh and salt water, it makes discoveries a countless experience.

9. Diving when single might Increase self-confidence

Scuba diving is a special activity for humans. Indeed, the aquatic world is not our natural environment. Getting your head under water the first time, is a unique chance to meet sharks, learn how to manage your diving gear, how to navigate in seas that are sometimes cold … all opportunities to develop self-confidence and management of stress.

10. Diving when single will increase the chances of finding a soul mate who shares your passion

Evolving in diving is, as said above, a great opportunity to expand its network. As a result, you also very clearly increase the chances of meeting a partner who will share the same dreams … which make it  much easier to manage all the other points outlined above.

Diving is now available in many ways and open to all, offering everyone benefits for more well-being while cultivating the notion of pleasure.

Want to share your experiences, comments and questions about diving when single ?

Post a comment below … it will be my pleasure to exchange with you 😉

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂


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