Que manger avant la plongée ? C'est ce que se demande Hélène en regardant un plateau repas avec gourmandise


Foods and drinks to focus to eat before a dive:

What to eat before a dive ? Diving is a special activity because it exposes the body to unusual conditions (see unnatural)

As in water the body cools faster than in the air, our body will have a hard time. Because it must be able to maintain its temperature at 37 ° C.

Therefore, besides the presence of the protection that will offer our neoprene wetsuit. The body will draw on its reserves of energy. It’s importance to properly feed itself before a dive. Failing to do this might increase the risk of accident like DCS or exhaustion and heavy fatigue.

It’s important to get ready by giving your body the right fuel to work optimally. (especially when diving in cold water). Another fuel we don’t thinks directly about is just rest. Maybe a little nap after you meal ? It is not always about what you eat before a dive.

Anyway here are some tips

  • Slow carbohydrates: pasta, rice, potatoes, …
  • Vegetables cooked preferably avoiding those that ferment like cabbages, chickpeas, for example
  • Fruits in all their forms including dried fruits or juice (for hydration). If you consume them just before diving. Prefer them cooked and avoid the orange juice if you are sensitive to its acidity.
  • Fish or lean meats
  • Dairy products avoiding very fat cheeses to eat before a dive
  • Water. we repeat it and yet we do not see it often enough on dive boats. (when the water is not completely absent). Drink water without thirst before anything else before and after the dive
  • Isotonic drinks

In general, you should focus on foods that are good for you and that you digest easily. And if you want to eat something just before the dive. A fruit mash or a cereal bar will be easily assimilated and digestible. You do not always think about it. But eating while taking your time is already a good start for easier digestion. If you go diving early in the morning think about it and prepare your equipment, the day before to save time for a good breakfast.

Foods and drinks to avoid

  • All that is heavy or difficult to digest (dish in sauce, red meat, very fat dishes, raw vegetables, green vegetables,)
  • Foods that ferment. Never eat before a dive.
  • Fast sugars that will give you an ephemeral feeling of satiety
  • Big quantity of coffee: it could increase your stress if you are anxious at first and / or if you fear a particular dive
  • Alcohol: we still (too) often see divers diving while they had partying the day before or when alcohol was served during lunch, … Similarly, some dives end with real party where alcohol flows freely before even thinking of drinking water to hydrate. Remember that dehydration is the enemy of divers and is an additional factor in DCS.

Finally, if you tend to be sensitive to seasickness, do not hesitate to eat before a dive accordingly but with caution (under penalty of risking THIS): you will be much more resistant to this evil if you have a full stomach than if you are hungry 😉 Just think about bites on a regular base. It will be easier for your stomach.

As diving is an activity that will make you travel, there is no doubt that you will find good foods to eat in this list of specialties depending on where in the world you are diving. Anyway let’s try something different from our day to day diet, don’t you think so ?

I wonder what you eat before a dive? Feel free to share them with us in a comment directly on the blog

And most importantly,do not forget to be happy !