You have not had the time to plan something this year and the call of water is there !

Try a last minute dive trip

Good news, it is not too late to find good deals. And enjoy the summer to make new experiences of scuba diving by opting for a last minute dive trip holiday.

Beforehand and to maximize your chances of finding the trip that will allow you to make beautiful dives. You need to focus on three steps:

1 Target your goal :

Defining your last minute dive trip destinations and your budget is an important step you have to make first.
Of course, this step is not easy if like me, you are happy to dive everywhere and all the time. Asking yourself a few questions can help you. Do you want to dive in the warm sea. Or dive choosing a wild and cold destination, go for a liveabord cruise. Let yourself be pampered in a hotel “all in” or just leave without a definite plan …? You have a very small budget or on the contrary you are quite comfortable on this point …? You go alone, as a couple, as a family ?

2 Accept to adapt for a last minute dive trip.

If you book a last minute holiday, you will of course have to adapt yourself. Do not be too demanding in your search. Flexibility must become your first quality.

For example. If you really want to go on a cruise in Egypt and the boats are all overbooked. You can either consider changing destinations to carry out your diving cruise elsewhere. Or look for a hotel in the same country offering the diving activity for the day. And / or à la carte favor structures with their diving club directly located in the hotel. It is more convenient and comfortable.

3 Be organized :

Your sense of organization will be put to a severe test because you will have to act very quickly and very well.

Needless to be on the nerves! If you are going on vacation, this is to have fun. Stay Zen

Take advantage of last minute dive trip from known operators or be flexible and ready to review your requirements because you do not really have time to prospect for hours. Be very organized also for preparing your luggage (plan well before a first aid kit, a book to download on your Kindle or purchase a new swimsuit for the summer). Taking a few minutes to make a list of everything you need often saves time. The lists are really your friends 🙂

But above all, do not forget your certification card, your diving insurance, your logbook and a visit to your doctor to obtain your medical statement.

Once these three steps are completed, there remains the thorny problem of finding the right trip for you. But, how to find good plans to go diving in last minute ?

Here are four ways to help you :

Last minute dive trip sites

A great classic. Your luggage is packed and you are ready to leave overnight with a valid passport and your dive gear carefully stored in your suitcase.

This is the super simple solution for last minute diving vacations as a single or as a couple. As a family, the odds are less likely to find a last minute for 3, 4 or more people but not impossible.

Some sites work well for your last minute dive trip searches such as, last,, or If you browse a bit, you’ll find more, but time flies away…

Travel agency websites for last minute dive trip

They are full of proposals to go in last minute.

Check their websites or go to your travel agency to discuss with the tour operator who will guide you to find a tailor made destination.

Social networks

You do not often think of it, but if you are registered / active on groups dedicated to holidays and / or diving via social networks, it may be another source to call for last minute dive trip help. The diving travel specialists and other dive facilities ready to welcome you are “on-line” too and will soon spot you and propose a stay that you might not have thought of. Other non-professional Internet users may also propose to join them because someone canceld his booking or just by sympathy.

The “backpacking” solution

If you have an innate taste for adventure, why not taking your diving gear in your car and drive along the coast you want to explore. You can still find campsites and / or hotel using internet specialists for online booking or try to find a room free of charge using couchsurfing or chatting with people met on your way?

A more exotic alternative is to take a last minute dive trip plane ticket to a remote diving destination using only a backpack filled with your diving computer, mask and certification card. And for the rest ? Just find out on the spot, contact locals via or make use of groups made for travelers on your favorite social networks. You will then be able to let yourself carry by your desires of the moment and enjoy, just enjoy every single minute.

Search engines such as specialized for backpackers are available on the net.

Want to find really cool destination ? Explore a dive idea every week here.

You now have all the cards in hand to discover in last minute a great place to stay for diving and relaxing. And if you are alone, do not hesitate to leave anyway. First of all because it makes a lot of fun, it allows the meetings and the opening towards other people but also because the diving is also an ideal activity for the singles during the diving holidays.

Ready to go ?

Do not forget to be happy 🙂

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