Une baleine sous un bateau

Justin Hofman captures unique moments of encounter with Southern right whales and his photos circle the world.

Right whales are feeding on copepods (tiny crustaceans) by straining huge volumes of ocean water through their baleen which act like a sieve. Baleen are typical of these mammals. Early 20th century, commercial whalers had hunted North Atlantic right whales to the brink of extinction. However Justin is observing and taking pictures of southern right wales. These whales are as long as a school bus but twice the width. They can weight 70 tons.

Because females whales do not become sexually mature until ten years.

And give birth to a single calf after a yearlong pregnancy. Populations grow slowly.

All species of right whales have enjoyed complete international protection since 1949. Southern right whales have shown some encouraging population growth since their protection. Northern right whales are the most at-risk of all these large mammals on earth.

Relayed to the National Geographic site, the story of this amazing encounter was also an opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting these magnificent whales. We can now see these animals jumping out of the water. Falling loudly making a big splash. They are however very cautious about boats.

But how did Justin manage to realize his pictures?

If it is clear that he has to save time and money to take pictures of whales, find the right partners, equip himself with the right diving gear and dare to seize opportunities, Justin probably also cultivated personal qualities to achieve This dream: patience, determination, courage, openness to others, respect, tenacity.

All of its qualities and attitudes which enable us to grasp the unique moments offered by nature, we can cultivate and strengthen them so that one day we too can realize our dreams of divers

… What a great day 🙂


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