Diving into the heart of Connemara to discover the dogfish. The name given to this small shark in Ireland, is an unforgettable adventure.

First of all it is the stunning scenery of lakes, mountains and heather that seize you. not directly dogfish. Then you get carried away by the Irish atmosphere of the pubs on your way and from the colorful villages to the typical dwellings.

And then. The sea with dogfish ! Incredibly beautiful under the colors of autumn, it will reveal all the charm of Ireland. The beaches are grandiose, uncrowded and leave you free time to breathe a nature that still appears preserved.

Once equipped. It is in the water that you will go to the amazing encounter of the dogfish present in numbers in these waters where the visibility may be excellent.

Dogfish are sharks that live in shallow waters (even if they can go up to several hundred meters deep). Dogfish are small sharks. They are recognizable by their cat eyes (paradoxical with the English name) and their mottled or grooved skin covered with small hard and rough scales.

Also sometimes known as small salmon, the dogfish is caught for consumption.

When diving, it is easy to approach these sharks calmly laid on the bottom. If the diver approaches too close. The dogfish will soon go a little farther or disappear from his field of vision. If the dogfish does not represent a danger for divers. It is nevertheless advisable to respect these small sharks, we advise not to touch them or disturb them to the utmost.

Then dogfish, salmonette or catfish. No matter the name, the meeting is beautiful!

Another good reason to discover scuba diving in Ireland

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