Deux plongeurs qui viennent de faire l'expérience de toucher des animaux marins dans la Mer Rouge

Last month I wrote an article about whether touching marine animals was unforgivable or not? Do you remember ?

Do you think that a fish touching a diver is prohibited ? It is just funny maybe ? And this is not unusual.

This post gave rise to very many reactions. THANK YOU, a thousand times. THANKS to all. Which overall went in the direction. Do not touch the marine animals … of course 🙂 but the fish may be touching a diver.

But what do you do when an animal falls in love with you? Or when it takes you for what you are not?

When an animal falls in love with me, it’s both thrilling and surreal. I feel honored by its affection. It’s a unique bond that transcends species boundaries. However, I must approach the situation with caution. Animals can be unpredictable, especially in the wild. I need to respect their space and behavior. If an animal mistakes me for something else, it can be concerning.

I must assess the situation carefully.

Remaining calm and avoiding sudden movements is crucial. I don’t want to escalate the situation or cause harm to myself or the animal. Communication with hand signals may help clarify my identity. Slow movements can convey non-aggression. If the animal touches me, I must remain calm and still. It may be curious or seeking interaction. Touching a diver can be a sign of trust or curiosity from the animal. However, it’s essential to remember that wild animals are not pets. I must maintain a respectful distance and avoid encouraging behavior that could endanger either of us. Ultimately, encountering animals underwater is a privilege. It’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of all life forms. By respecting their space and behavior, I can enjoy these encounters safely and responsibly.

Strange question, touching a diver ?

But one of my friends could catch an amazing behaviour showing that it can happen that marine animals make mistakes and touching a diver is not so rare.

I’ve heard of a friend witnessing an amazing sight: a marine animal touching a diver. It’s rare, but it happens. Marine creatures can make mistakes too. It’s a reminder of the fascinating interactions we can have underwater.


In the video below, you will see that it happens to a remora to confuse a diver with a shark. And going away when he realizes his mistake.

Sometimes, fish want to come close to a diver. And check what “it is” touching a diver is not always happening. However when the fish is big it can be dangerous. Sometimes mamals want to come close to divers and here toowe can talk about touching a diver. If the mamal is as big as a whale it can be scary. However most of the time mamals are careful and avoid touching a diver.

So, touching a diver for a marine animal, is it forgivable? Are we forgiving him or not ?

I loved this funny video taken while I was evolving a few meters away. And I really wanted to share it with you just for fun of seeing a fish touching a diver.

If you also have experienced that kind of situation in scuba diving. And you want to share them with everyone do not hesitate to leave your comment below.

I will also be very pleased to read and exchange with you

Good bubbles to all … and do not forget to be happy and avoid being touching a diver

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