With the democratization of photography and underwater cameras

GoPro and other accessories to capture the most beautiful photography during our dives. We are many to look for the beautiful image or a very fun video.

I must say that I’m amazed by thousands of images. Sometimes taken by extremely talented amateurs, published in large number on social networks, I also ask myself the question “how far can we go too far to make a good shot underwater ? “

When I look at the news feed of my Instagram account. I am sometimes surprised by the lack of awareness of some divers or snorkelers who go in my opinion sometimes too far to take a photography. And get more LIKES by taking pictures that should not be taken.

Can we go so far as to damage the environment, to stress marine animals, …? Can underwater photos be taken at any price ?

In my opinion the answer is clearly NO.


Since I am aware that we often act out of ignorance of the marine environment. And without real evil intentions or lack of respect, I suggest a few points to keep in mind before taking photography while diving :

# Nature

I do not move any of the elements of nature (rocks or others). In the same idea, I never break a piece of coral. Gorgons, … present in my field of vision at the time of the photo.

# Marine animals

I do not chase a small trunk fish to make a super selfie with him because this fish swells (which expresses his stress) … however already seen many times on Instagram 😡 And, I do not chase any marine animal and I obviously do not catch them!


I avoid diving centers that practice shark feeding or the use of bait: it annoys sharks and / or habituates them to unnatural behaviors. The divers using the shark-feeding certainly make beautiful pictures … But, except for the preservation and defense of sharks, is it worth that kind of photography ?

# Consciousness

I learn about the fragilities of marine life for conscious diving and I avoid touching marine animals. For example, I never force a Spanish dancer to unfold in the middle of the day to film it at the risk of losing her little shrimp and leading them both to death.

# Instructions

I respect the instructions of the briefing: If I see sharks before everyone else? I do not rush at full speed to photograph them … and scaring them. If not, the other divers of my group will just see nothing when arriving at the spot, thank you !

I am convinced that most of the time, to make magnificent underwater photography, it’s enough to be patient, to take the time and marine animals that are often curious will come to you, … unless they do simply prefer to ignore you and leaving you the memory of their passage.

What is your most beautiful underwater photo or photography ?

Post it in comment of this blog … it would be a pleasure to exchange with you live 😉

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂


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