Un plongeur heureux sous l'eau

There are unforeseen situations that can happen and rot our diving holidays and there is not very much we can do !

Diving holidays are magic, however sometimes show stopper can popup

And suddenly, our special diving holidays turn into nightmares.

Diving holidays are magical experiences I treasure. However, sometimes unexpected issues arise. During one trip, equipment failure halted our dives. It turned our dream holiday into a nightmare. Another time, bad weather prevented us from reaching dive sites. It was disappointing, to say the least. Despite setbacks, I still love diving holidays. The anticipation, the thrill, it’s all worth it. We learn to adapt and make the most of every situation. Even when things don’t go as planned, diving holidays hold a special place in my heart. They’re opportunities for adventure and discovery. Each trip teaches me something new about diving and myself. So, despite the occasional challenges, I keep coming back for more. Diving holidays fuel my passion for exploration and underwater beauty. They remind me of the wonders waiting beneath the surface. No matter what obstacles we face, diving holidays remain a source of joy and excitement.

1 Overbooking for your diving holidays

Arrive at a stopover and realize that the airline has overbooked … no luck the boat leaves just a few hours after our scheduled arrival and all flights are full.

I had no choice but to embrace the unexpected delay. Thankfully, I used the time to plan diving holidays. Researching destinations and dive sites kept me occupied. Despite the hiccup, anticipation for the upcoming adventure grew stronger.

And find ourselves sheepish in an airport at the end of the world by imagining our friends boarding for the dive cruise of our dreams

NB : a variant is to get stuck in a terrible traffic jam and arrive late at the airport!

2 Forgetting

On arrival at the holiday spot, you realize that you have forgotten your diving mask with double corrective lenses for myopia and presbyopia

And having a myopia so strong that it is impossible to dive, we would not even see our buddy. In any case, our presbyopia would prevent us from reading our dive computer

3 Gastric problems

Go on a dive cruise and have diarrhea during diving holidays … Bad luck, no one on the boat has the medicine that we need. Put on a diving suit? NO;NO !

And in addition the paper is ultra thin, a horror !

4 Weather

The waves are so strong and the boat can not leave the harbor for your diving holidays

Always possible to play cards, to visit the surroundings, to have a drink … yes but still, we must admit that it is really frustrating not to be able to dive

5 Enemy Number 1

Book a week of vacation … and get a cold when you are about to leave. It is just impossible (and dangerous) to perform a dive. A great classic really dreaded by divers and divers.

And have tears in your eyes seeing others go diving … and especially not want to listen to them tell all the wonders they have seen after each of their dives all beautiful, obviously

Without being exhaustive, this list of 5 disaster scenarios that can ruin diving holidays is based on observations and / or experience 😉

No miracle solution to these situations that ruin our dives but the need to stay zen (and enjoy it to engage in meditation?)

And you, what has already prevented you from diving on vacation?

Post a comment below to tell us your most beautiful diving holidays misadventures

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy

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