Un plongeur se retourne

They are everywhere in our clubs, in dive centers during our holidays, on forums and other social groups. It’s obvious, we are surrounded by cool divers

To find them easily, I drew you a list of 10 signs not to miss cool divers.

Cool divers populate every corner of the diving world. They’re the lifeblood of our clubs, infusing them with energy. In dive centers, they radiate enthusiasm, making every excursion exciting. On forums and social groups, they share wisdom and camaraderie. These cool divers inspire us with their passion for the underwater world. Their presence makes the diving community vibrant and welcoming.

With their laid-back attitude,

They turn every dive into an adventure. Their cool demeanor fosters a sense of belonging for everyone. Whether rookies or seasoned pros, cool divers embrace diversity and inclusivity. They embody the spirit of exploration and camaraderie that defines diving. Cool divers make the underwater realm even more exhilarating. Their passion for diving is infectious, drawing others into the fold. In their company, every dive is an opportunity for fun and discovery. So let’s celebrate the cool divers among us, for they enrich our diving experiences in countless ways.

Cool divers:

1 / Is able to let you down for a dive in case of tiredness, illness and / or because of a late party the day before!

2 / Sometimes forget some of its diving equipment (if not all) but stays calm to find a solution

3 / Has not necessarily traveled all around the world (but does not stop marveling at each dive and loves to (re) discover its surroundings with pleasure )

4 / Does not specially need to become an instructor. Cool divers want to dive as much as possible !

5 / Listen to other people’s opinions (and sometimes even change his point of view )

6 / Respect the safety rules and the briefings of the places he visits even though it is not always what he has learned.

7 / Does not necessarily dive all year but at least when on vacation, cool divers !

8 / Does not spend most of his time explaining the truth (his truth? ) about diving to others

9 / Is not surrounded by a court of admirers (but has sincere friends with whom he enjoys diving)

10 / Did not do everything, did not test everything, did not experienced everything and wants to learn more

Did you recognize yourself in one or more points? Great, me too.

Are you one of those cool divers who embody the spirit of adventure? Maybe you’re the type who’s always seeking new challenges underwater. Or perhaps you’re the laid-back diver, content to enjoy the tranquility of the ocean. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something cool about every diver. It’s the passion for exploration that unites us all. So, yes, if you see yourself in any of these descriptions, you’re definitely one of the cool divers. Keep diving, keep exploring, and keep being awesome!

WELCOME to the community of cool divers who do not take the lead and enjoy 100% of their dives to have fun, safely!

WELCOME to this great world of people who value the attitudes of divers who enjoy (more intensely and stronger than others)

Cool divers, I love us 🙂

So, by what signs do you recognize cool divers ?

Cool divers stand out with their calm demeanor and confident presence underwater. They exude grace in their movements and display respect for marine life. Their passion for diving shines through, making them easy to spot among the waves.

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