Formations de plongée : passer un troisième niveau de plongée comme ce plongeur dans les eaux chaudes d'Egypte.

This time it is decided,  you want to acquire all the autonomy to dive up to 40m.

Wrecks and other mythical spots are waiting for you with your third level scuba diving!

This third level will allow you to deepen your knowledge and your aptitudes. It will make you a confirmed diver who can taste the adventure of diving in natural environment in many situations.

OK ?

Create the conditions that will allow you to discover new sensations and intense moments in all the seas of the world. Management of dives with deco-steps, implementation of the safety instructions in your dive, understanding the causes and symptoms of diving accidents, easy use of your equipment, depth management. This third level will give you multiple knowledge and Experience to dive with pleasure in complete safety. This third level scuba diving is often requested if you want to join a liveabord cruse for deep wrecks.

At Naui, the Master Scuba Diver certification, third level scuba diving allows you to dive with your buddy up to 40 meters deep.

For the CMAS, the third level scuba diving diver will complete his overall diver training by mastering all diving techniques from a theoretical and practical point of view. It will acquire the skills to manage a small group of divers. This third level scuba diving certification allows to evolve to a depth of 40 meters with a buddy of similar or higher level. All other RSTC certification agency will request you to follow a Deep Dive course. This course will give you the ability to dive with a buddy. The buddy must have a similar certification or higher.

Now that you have third level scuba divingit’s time to dive freely in complete autonomy with you favorite buddy

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