Un plongeur photographie avec sa caméra sous-marine

Do you have a beautiful underwater picture of yourself and / or your child ?

That’s how you can positively value underwater picture:

I find that (too) many people do not yet know our wonderful world of diving and it remains a mystery to them. Therefore, they sometimes feel less concerned by the underwater world. And do not always participate in its preservation. So let’s try underwater picture.

Underwater pictures can bridge the gap between divers and non-divers.

They offer a glimpse into our world. Sharing underwater images can ignite curiosity. They showcase the beauty and diversity of marine life. Through underwater pictures, we invite others to explore. They capture moments of wonder beneath the waves. Each picture tells a story of the ocean’s splendor. Sharing these images fosters appreciation for marine ecosystems. They inspire people to join efforts in conservation. With underwater pictures, we bring the ocean closer to everyone. They serve as a reminder of the importance of preservation. Let’s use underwater pictures to spread awareness. They’re powerful tools for advocacy and education. Together, we can inspire a deeper connection to the underwater world. Through photography, we share our passion for diving. Every underwater picture holds the potential to spark change. Let’s capture and share the magic of the ocean.

During the months of February and March, I would like to realize a project to demystify the world of diving, encourage people to begin with this extraordinary adventure, or at least discover it.

If you have short videos of you (max 1 minute, that’s fine too). Or underwater picture

Also I need YOU all who are interested in scuba diving

Indeed, I am looking for a hundred pictures of divers of all profiles: small, big, young, old, thin, fat, women, men, people with a disability, … all people in its place on Different Dive

In my search, diversity is key. I want a hundred underwater pictures showcasing all kinds of divers. From young to old, from slim to stout, every person belongs in the underwater picture. Women and men, each with their unique presence, add richness to the collection. People with disabilities deserve representation too, showing that diving is for everyone. Different Dive aims to celebrate the beauty of diversity beneath the waves. Each photo tells a story of inclusion and acceptance. Together, these images paint a vibrant tapestry of the diving community.

You want to help me and see at the same time your most beautiful  photo published ?

It’s very simple, send me an underwater picture of you diving and / or ready to go indicating:

– Your surname
– The place where the photo was taken
– The sentence :
“I affirm that I have the image and the author rights for the picture attached to this email. I authorize the author/owner of the Different Dive blog to use and distribute it as part of her blog. This picture can not in any case be associated with violent content, degrading and / or contrary to the law of the country of diffusion “

Send to the email address:

By participating, you will make me a huge pleasure while also enhancing your most beautiful underwater picture of a diver

Can I count on all of you to allow me to realize this crazy project?

I thank you warmly for your help

And above all … do not forget to be happy


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