Hélène avec son ordinateur COSMIQ⁺ en plongée

Deepblu’s COSMIQ+ dive computer test: a truly connected dive computer?

Recently, the Taiwanese company Deepblu offered me to test their COSMIQ+ dive computer.
Presented as a dive computer that wants to be resolutely innovative with its minimalist look and its related application, I was curious to discover it.

To be honest, I didn’t know this brand even though I had already seen one or another photo of this dive computer. Also I moved on to the test stage for my greatest pleasure (I love to perform tests)

COSMIQ+ dive computer

Simple and effective packaging

The COSMIQ+ dive computer is delivered in a packaging that combines an impression of robustness and just the right number of accessories.

Equipped with a clip to hang it wherever you want, the computer box is organized as follows:

A location for the computer, a location for the spare bracelet, a charging cable, a one page manual, two screen protections and a bungee (elastic that can replace the bracelet)

A modern look

When you take control of the COSMIQ+ diving computer,clearly, it’s its look reminiscent of a famous apple-branded smartwatch that comes to mind.

The choice of colors is wide. I am pleased that manufacturer more and more make the choice to offer colorful items. The COSMIQ+ dive computer is available in some colors and bracelets.

The fabric bracelets are adjustable and give the possibility to make a well-kept return thanks to the different metal loops. In this way, the excess of the bracelet does not hang out. With my wrist that is quite thin … I appreciate that.

The black screen has some colorful areas. The font used for numbers and letters surprises at first. Overall, on the surface, the visibility of the information on the screen is very good. In full sun, as it is an LCD screen, it is sometimes necessary to tilt the screen slightly to properly read the information.

The COSMIQ+ computer is light and compact, convenient to take it to your favorites diving destinations. Even if its size prevents it from using it as a “city” watch.

Les coloris des ordinateurs COSMIQ⁺

A connected computer

I hear some people tell me that other dive computers have their associated applications and their communities. However, I must recognize that one of the strengths of the COSMIQ+  is probably the Deepblu application, modern and intuitive.

The Deepblu app 

The Deepblu app can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store. To avoid searching, a QR code is available directly on the box’s packaging.

It is with the application that you can make the computer adjustments.

Registration is rather easy via Facebook or with an email address.

However, you have to accept the location to use the application (logical since it will serve as a logbook)

The look of the app looks like a Facebook or Instagram. screen 😉

What does the app include?

  • A discovery tab featuring a relatively active photo and logbook sharing community as well as English news articles.
  • “Planet” tab giving information in English on different regions of the world and offering diving packages
  • A Community tab containing some groups of divers. This tab is almost exclusively English-speaking at the moment and moderately active
  • A menu in which you can import data from your computer if your dive computer is included in the computers supported by the app and in which you have to make the settings of your computer COSMIQ. The Logbook offered is very nice and allows a lot of customization.
Developed by the company, the Deepblu app is accessible to owners of other dive computers: Scubapro Aladdin and G2, TUSA DC Solar and Shearwater Perdix, Petrel 2 and NERD 2
Capture d'écran de l'application Deepblu

The COSMIQ+‘s settings

COSMIQ+ dive computer must be set up by the Deepblu application.

The settings are few and very easy to make through this application:

  • Unit of measurement
  • Extinction of the screen
  • Salinity
  • Altitude
  • Mode: snorkeling or diving
  • Safety factor: three mode: cautious, normal or progressive
  • PPO2: between 1.2 and 1.6
  • Gas mix: possibility to dive with NITROX since the computer accepts a percentage of Oxygen between 21 and 40%
  • Deep alarm: choose between -5m and -50m
  • Time alarm: choose between 10 minutes and 2 hours

On the settings side, only the nature of the gas can be adjusted without going through the application, everything else requires this interface, which is simple and effective.

L'ordinateur COSMIQ⁺

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The COSMIQ+ dive computer, a computer for diving at -100 m?

The COSMIQ+ announces a possible depth of -100m.
In reality, it is clearly designed for recreational dives from 0 to -40m.

What makes me say that? 

  • The manual specifies that this computer should not be used as soon as you don’t dive the way certification agencies name recreational diving (so not beyond -40m). At least that has the merit of being clear.
  • It is also stated that COSMIQ+ should not be used as the main computer for tek and/or professional dives.
  • Similarly, it is noted that decompression assistance (and deco stop management) will be done if one accidentally exits the NDL .
  • An audible alarm warns that we are approaching the NDL and/or the time and depth limits that we have set ourselves.(Interesting for photographers who get “lost” in their shots)
  • Sound alert as soon as the NDL is overtaken
  • No NITROX with more than 40% oxygen
  • PPO2 max 1.6
  • Planning mode supports dives to a maximum depth of -40m

Other points of attention regarding the COSMIQ+ dive computer

  • The instruction manual is concise (about twenty pages). Which makes sense since there are few settings
  • The set and instructions are in English but the app where the settings are made is in several languages. So it’s not inconvenient for use once you’ve read the instructions.
  • The external charge is very easy with a magnet and USB socket. You can recharge even on a portable battery or a plug in the car,…
  • Has a free dive mode that I haven’t tested

Update: Deepblu is obviously very responsive to comments and reacted directly to the article. As of now, a user manual in French is available by clicking HERE

The COSMIQ+ dive computer, it’s time to dive

It’s time for me to dive with this amazing computer to see how it behaves underwater. 

First test in the pool

Just for the pleasure of seeing it run underwater, I take the time to check it in the pool. The computer lights up on its own after a few seconds of immersion. As the depth is low (1m40, I know I’m safe ), the dive mode does not start. It only starts once the 1m50 is reached.

Despite the sun, no problem with the visibility of the screen of the computer COSMIQ+ which fits well on my wrist. It has a nice look, a simple and functional screen. 

Hélène avec son ordinateur en plongée dans une piscine

Second dive in cold (and dark) water

After the pool, I’m off for a deep dive in cold and dark water. Indeed, although it is designed for recreational diving, it does not mean that it cannot be used in conditions that I describe as hostile: cold, low visibility, darkness.

In order to see how it reacts if I get out of the NDL, I decide to harden it to the maximum and dive to -41m with air.

Will it keep his promises?

When diving, the COSMIQ+ is quite easy to use. It starts when you reach the depth of -1.5m and do the job during the dive.

A plus point is clearly its legibility. The figures are clear at all depths and for all visibility. I liked it.

On the other hand, to my surprise, I did not hear any beep: neither when I voluntarily exceeded the maximum depth I had set at -40m, nor when I reached the NDL, nor when I entered decompression.

Maybe a setting not done correctly?
I will try the experiment again soon.

Overall, the computer behaved unsurprisingly with major simplicity.

Affichage de l'ordinateur de plongée COSMIQ⁺ pendant la remontée

End of dive: a few words on the Deepblu app

As soon as I got out of the water, I couldn’t help but test the Application related to the COSMIQ+

And I really enjoyed it!

In a few seconds, here is my dive displayed in my logbook with all possible customization and ready to be shared with the community. I admit that I got caught up in the game with satisfaction.

The COSMIQ+ dive computer, a computer for which audience?

The COSMIQ+ diving computer is clearly oriented towards recreational diving in the 0-40m zone while remaining in the NDL.

Using the COSMIQ+ computer is very easy from the moment you understand that the computer works closely with your smartphone. The primary settings are automatic. Just read what it says. On the other hand, people who like to set up and make very personalized settings, are not going to like it.

In my opinion, the COSMIQ+ computer is intended for a very specific audience.

We can go so far as to say that the dive recommendations with the COSMIQ+ fit well with the PADI dive (by far the largest diving community in the world).

However, more broadly, it will suit children/teens who want to be protected from more difficult dives and who will appreciate its intuitive application look. Web enthusiasts who love the concept of community, sharing, … will love it too. But also people who are medically limited in depth. Similarly for those who have decided to limit themselves (for example because of their age, their physical condition, …). They and those who do not like to have to make a thousand adjustments will appreciate: you do it a first time and then you dive. Finally, some professionals might see interest in it by setting a depth alarm depending on their customers. This is for example to avoid going too deep.

L'ordinateur de plongée COSMIQ⁺ sur des palmes

In a nutshell

Screen: LCD, very readable NitroX Dive: Yes Free diving: YES Algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16C Planning: possible up to -40m Maximum depth: -100m Drums: 7 to 12 hours Diving log:  25 dives maximum in memory Deepblu linked application: settings, logbook,interactions with the community. Public price : 350€


  • The smartphone style
  • A very good readability of the diving screen
  • The well-adjustable bracelet
  • The Deepblu app, really nice
  • Consistency with the target audience

Less positive

  • Limited to recreational diving… But that’s what it’s all about
  • Can’t be used if you don’t have a smartphone

Points for improvement for non English natives

  • The computer is in English. So need to understand one or the other word

In conclusion, my opinion on this computer

The COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is a very consistent computer with its target audience. Consistency that can be found even in the settings that you can (or not) make.

Easy to use, offering a resolutely modern look, it has the originality to offer a real application simple, pleasant and intuitive. 

Hélène en plongée

A little more: Deepblu offers to readers of the Different Dive blog a coupon of $50 on the purchase of the COSMIQ+ computer. To get it, all you need to do is use the code DIFFDIVE on their website

I don’t get any profit on the sale of the computer even if you use the code. So I probably won’t get rich with that but certainly through the quality of our exchanges.

So tell me, what do you think of this computer? Do you know it? Is it tempting you?

Leave me a comment directly here on the blog, I’ll be happy to exchange with you

And above all, … don’t forget to be happy 🤗


This article reflects my sincere and objective opinion as possible based on my diving habits, my experience in the field and my knowledge of the expectations and needs of the diving public. Deepblu graciously provided me with the COSMIQ+ Dive Computer for the purposes of the test.