Un plongeur en formation de biomimétisme devant des coraux

Biomimicry in response to our evolution

Biomimicry, I had vaguely heard about it until I met Fred. Fred is passionate about the underwater world and diving. Manager of a dive center in Tahiti, he is as close as he gets to this extraordinary yet threatened environment.

Indeed, no one can ignore today a reflection on environmental and ecological issues. With regard of climate emergencies and our constant desire to evolve, sustainable and innovative solutions must be found.

That’s probably what I liked about biomimicry.

What is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is an approach that consists of innovating, inventing and developing new products and services, inspired by Nature.

The idea is to create, to innovate, from the biodiversity that surrounds us. But also to link creation and innovation to the learning and achievements made since the existence of our planet. However we are not guinea pigs we are actors of this

Somewhere it’s a question of drawing inspiration from Nature today to find solutions to the progress of tomorrow.

Biomimicry is the ultimate tool of an responsible future, and is considered by many countries to be the best way to link technological and organizational innovation. No need to give up one or an other but simply bring them together.

In this process, economics and ecology meet, making ecology no longer a constraint, but a new source of wealth and innovation.

From then on, biomimicry allows us to prepare our next “industrial revolution”, inventive, disruptive and respectful of our beautiful planet.

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Why Polynesia?

In French Polynesia, biomimicry appears as an obvious way to link Nature, its populations and their ancestral culture. This approach also takes into account innovation initiatives for the economic development of Polynesia: technological, digital and organisational innovations.

Perhaps because Polynesia still has treasures of nature and biodiversity. Perhaps because it is a paradise for ocean lovers. Or perhaps for many other reasons, the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry was created there.

The missions of the PIB (Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry)

Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry (PIB) established in January 2019, is an independent association, from the network of the same name launched in September 2017. The Institute aims to develop biomimicry, this creative approach from Nature.

But also to increase its use in French Polynesia, among its inhabitants and its visitors, individuals and companies.

The PIB has been supported since its inception by the Biomimicry Institute (USA) and CEEBIOS (France). It’s aim is to use the adaptation of biomimicry methods and tools to the Polynesian context.

Une affiche représentant le biomimétisme polynésien

Diving as a tool for biomimicry

The Institute now offers biomimicry initiations through diving and snorkelling thanks to the support of Eleuthera Diving Tahiti.On one hand, through in-depth training, on the other hand through assistance in the development of bio-inspired products and services.

During this initiation, the diver is led to develop a new perspective on the marine environment. The aim is to identify strategies and functions of life that he could transpose to his everyday problems. Whether personal or professional. An ambitious and exciting program.

The Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry is aimed at individuals, local businesses and international companies. But also, research organizations focusing on Polynesian Nature and coral reefs in particular (CRIOBE).

One of the PIB’s last actions has been to support research projects at the CRIOBE in Moorea. With the development of a new design of organic inspired coral nursery more efficient and neutral for marine conservation. Good news for the seabed we love so much.

Biomimicry goal

Of course, it is unusual for us to consider a new way of thinking about evolution by taking into account the forces available in nature to move forward.

In this sense, the BIP’s wish is to promote this new philosophy of innovation that responds to current sustainable development challenges.

Finally, the hope is to build on individual actions and motivations to reconcile nature with human progress. Observe, inspire, act and create.

Does this new way of looking at progress through the observation of the underwater world ring a bell ?

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