Les erreurs en plongée peuvent accabler le plongeur comme chez ce plongeur assis sur un banc en Egypte.

Diving Mistakes

As in many activities, diving learning is mostly done through experience. This experience is littered with trial and error. Fortunately, most errors are inconsequential. However, when diving, even experienced divers evolve in an aquatic world that is not their own. (Although for some 🙄). Also some mistakes when diving can have more important consequences and put people’s lives at risk.

It is necessary to be able to recognize your mistakes so as not to repeat them again. But also to learn from it and also to learn from the mistakes of others. (We don’t have to test everything by ourselves)

Many divers have already experienced oversights, errors of judgment,… they gladly share their stories with us.

When I asked what was the worst diving situation experienced by divers who follow my Facebook page, here’s what people reported.

Some mistakes when diving

Things you forget:

  • Valves of the tank not open
  • Forgot fins
  • Forget that you are diving dry and pee which is necessarily a problem on the boat.
  • Diving with your camera on a remarkable site…And forget the memory card
  • Forget to take your bearing on a dive with poor visibility
  • Falling out of battery during a night dive

Errors of judgment

  • When your are a Divemaster, lend your mask and have fog all the time… And not being able to help if needed
  • Getting the wrong boat: another classic on some spots
  • Go diving with a buddy who has only 90bar left in his tank… On a deep dive (obviously it will go wrong)
  • Having a bad perception of a danger: seeing a hand stuck in a rock, warning the team and realizing… that it’s actually a crockery glove ▶️ be carried for many years by his friends
  • Wanting to pick up the lures of a fishing line and get tangled

Errors due to distraction/inexperience

  • Go to 52 m without realizing it while you’re advanced… And get lectured by his Dive guide at the surface.
  • Confuse the water temperature with the depth, imagine this in cold water
  • Badly attach the torch and see it moving toward you and smash the glass of your mask during the back roll
  • Shortness of breath due to a poorly opened tank: another classic
  • Surface in panic because we don’t have enough training to clear the mask correctly
  • Your regulator gets frozen because ti is in a completely open position on a cold water dive at 40m

Diving mistakes that should never be made

  • Let yourself be tempted by a naturist dive and be cold ▶️ you have been told that you must protect yourself 😉
  • Failing to follow the captain’s instructions and being hit by another boat
  • Lose your buddy and decide to continue diving anyway

Everyone has probably learned from their mistakes and, inevitably… it will not be repeated. Sometimes a series of errors can lead to greater consequences. ▶️ Find out more here
Fortunately, most of the time, we are just scared and/or victims of jokes of our friends. We always learn something from our mistakes in diving.

But it is on Jean-Luc’s reflection that I would like to end:

“The lesson I learn from this event is that I plan each dive by always asking myself the same question: am I able to do this dive alone? If the answer is no, I’m not diving. »

But tell me what are your greatest mistakes when diving? What did you learn?

Thank you to all the contributors of this article who took their time to exchange positively through the web.This, in order to share with all their experiences of errors in scuba diving

And above all… Don’t forget to be happy 🤗